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ZaidaScope - Arduino Oscilloscope, 8-Ch, max 100 kHz © CC BY-ND Standalone PC software to use your Arduino as an oscilloscope, supports up to eight channels, at rates up to 100 kHz Features of the oscilloscope base library Measuring all kinds of sketch-variables, with or without analog input values. Suitable for ATmega328 and SAMD21 Arduino boards: Arduino Uno, Arduino Zero, SAM 15x15, etc. The trigger signal can be generated by the sketch Features of the software/oscilloscope: 1-channel (original and fastest), 2-channel (slower), or 3-channel (even slower) data acquisition and display 0-5V signal range determined by hardware, i.e. Arduino Time scale zoom in/out by pressing +/

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ZaidaScope - Arduino Oscilloscope, 8-Ch, max 100 kHz

  1. g besser unter Kontrolle zu halten. Zum Glück ist all das innerhalb der Arduino-IDE ohne Probleme möglich. Eine zentrale Funktion ist die Interrupt.
  2. Software Oszilloskope auf Arduino-Basis. domspitze; Apr 21st 2013; Thread is marked as Resolved. domspitze. Et es wie et es. Joined: Mar 18th 2010. Likes Received 2 Posts 819 Images 4 Map Entry yes. Apr 21st 2013 #1; Dass diese softwarebasierten Oszilloskope auf Arduino-Basis NICHT an echte herankommen ist klar. Manchmal sind sie aber hilfreich. Deshalb möchte ich zwei kurz vorstellen.
  3. Zur kommunikation mit dem Arduino wird im C-Code ein header eingebunden (benötigt ca. 8KB Flash und 0,5KB SDRAM. Dieser kommuniziert dann mit der Software automatisch. Man sollte nur darauf achten, dass man in der Loop-Schleife nicht zu lange Delays einsetzt, da sonst das Oszilligramm sehr Zeitdiskret aussieht
  4. Arduino Anwendungen Bauplan Oszilloskop - Universelles Messgerät Recht schnell kommt man als Elektronik-schaffender an den Punkt, wo ein normales Multimeter nicht mehr ausreicht. Ein Oszilloskop ist dann hier häufig das Mittel der Wahl, um den zeitlichen Ablauf eines Signal sichtbar zu machen
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  6. AUDio MEasurement System is a free oscilloscope software for Windows. This oscilloscope software comes with a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, and frequency response measurement tool. During testing, I found out that it didn't take signal input from the sound card, but from USB mic

Oscilloscope Arduino-Processing: Oscilloscope is a device that allows us to see graphically the electrical signal.If you want a cheap oscilloscope to learn what it is or to play with, follow the steps below This Software is a Serial Oscilloscope that receives data from a COM port and draws the graphs.This project is open source.C# Visual Studio 2013 Get Setup (.. Go to the files menu and select ; Examples>UTouch>Arduino>Utouch_ButtonTest and load the program to the IDE. Verify and run the program. You should see a keypad show up in the display, and, as you press the number keys, they should show up at the bottom of the screen. If all went well, we are ready to load the Oscilloscope software Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope The Oscilloscope is one of the most important tools you will find on the workbench of any electronics engineer or maker. It is primarily used for viewing waveform and determining voltage levels, frequency, noise and other parameters of signals applied at its input that might change over time The Arduino board, the heart of the oscilloscope, reads the values from its inbuilt analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and pushes these to the PC via USB port. We have provided here an Arduino sketch, which you can compile and load directly to the Arduino. You also need to install an executable file or application in your Windows PC

Wiki description: Osqoop is a multi-platform open source software oscilloscope based on Qt 4. It connects to various hardware data sources such as the sound input or a dedicated USB board. gds2000tools ist eine Linux-Software für GW-Instek GDS-2000 und andere GW-Instek Oszilloskope. Xoscillo - A software oscilloscope that acquires data using an Arduino or a Parallax (more platforms to come. LXARDOSCOPE is a dual channel oscilloscope application for Linux, using an ATmega328 device for data acquisition, and a serial or a USB port for communication with the PC. The Look and Feel is close to a traditional oscilloscope. Sampling rate for version 0.95 is about 2350 samples per second, for each channel Software on Board Jetzt geht es darum, eine Software auf das Teensy Board zu spielen, welche auf Grafik-Befehle per emulierter serieller Schnittstelle wartet und diese dann auf dem Oszilloskop per. Morgen, um mit dem Arduino Spannungen >= 5 Volt messen zu können, wollte ich mit einem Operationsverstärker mit entsprechender Rückkopplung die Spannung zunächst 'zehnteln' (R1 = 10k; R2=1k). Aus irg

Software oscilloscope for measuring extern and intern

Arduino - Multi-Channel Oscilloscope (Poor Man's

Weil das Oszilloskop von mir sowieso nur für niederfrequente Teile benutzt wird, habe ich mich für eine einfache Variante entschieden: Einen Nano als ADC, entkoppelt vom Haupt-Arduino. Also habe ich angefangen. Zuerst der ADC. Hier habe ich mir ein paar Grundkenntnisse zu dem ADC im Arduino angelesen (den Artikel kann ich empfehlen) Das Oszilloskop ist neben dem Multimeter das verbreitetste und wichtigste Mess- und Diagnosegerät in der Elektronik und Elektrotechnik. Mit Messinstrumenten mit Digitalwertanzeige wie Multimetern kann man Spannungsänderungen über die Zeit nur schlecht oder gar nicht aufzeichnen. Genau das ist deshalb der Haupteinsatzzweck von Oszilloskopen: die Messung von Spannungen über einen zeitlichen. Serial Oscilloscope is a Windows application that plots comma-separated variables within any incoming serial steam as channels on a real-time oscilloscope. The application also functions as a basic serial terminal, received bytes are printed to the terminal and typed characters are transmitted. The. In the video below I will show you how to build an Arduino oscilloscope in 2 minutes using only 7 lines of code. This is possible because of an update in the Arduino software. New to Arduino? Check out What Is Arduino? In the newest version of the Arduino software, there's a tool that makes it super easy to build a simple oscilloscope! It's called Serial Plotter and it works like this: It. A software oscilloscope for Arduino made with Python and PyQtGraph. python arduino oscilloscope arduino-uno pyqtgraph Updated Jun 15, 2019; Python; drandyhaas / Haasoscope Star 63 Code Issues Pull requests Docs, design, firmware, and software for the Haasoscope. python open.

Nano-Scope: Oszilloskop mit Arduino und Graphic LC-Display

  1. Arduino Oscilloscope Projects: Arduino Oscilloscope Software For Programmers: Arduino Nano Oscilloscope. by Jeannette Gloff | Mar 18, 2021. Kindle $0.00 $ 0. 00. Free with Kindle Unlimited membership Join Now Or $4.09 to buy. Paperback $8.99 $ 8. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 31. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition.
  2. utes using only 7 lines of code. This is possible because of an update in the Arduino software. New to Arduino? Check out What Is Arduino? In the newest version of the Arduino software, there's a tool that makes it super easy to build a simple oscilloscope! It's called Serial Plotter and it works like this: It.
  3. This tutorial will show you how to use your Arduino as an oscilloscope. We end the tutorial with a verification portion that uses the Arduino to generate a square wave, requiring a single wire. lxardoscope. Lxardoscope is another Arduino + real-time graphing project that has the potential to turn an Arduino into an oscilloscope. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any readings (the visual graph.

This Arduino oscilloscope is perfect if you need an oscilloscope right now, but all you have is an Arduino.. Update: There's an even easier way to do this now. Check out my new article on how to build an Arduino oscilloscope with 7 lines of code.. I needed an oscilloscope to debug my Radar Arduino library.. The code worked perfectly when it was not in Arduino library-form Homemade Oscilloscope with Arduino . Introduction: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope or CRO is a very important tool for any electronics project. But this CRO is an analog system, but now a digital version also comes into the market. The new digital product is very good in quality and performance. In this product the concept of Cathode Ray is not used, that's why it is good to call the product as. Oscilloscope. An oscilloscope is used to display signal voltages, plotted against time () or against another signal voltage ().The oscilloscope in the Multi Channel oscilloscope software can have one or more large, fully configurable graphs, where each graph can display different parts of a signal. Measured signals can be copied to reference channels, to compare live signals with earlier.

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Arduino-Oszilloskop [Arduino-Control

Arduino + ATtiny DCC Decoder / DCC Sniffer / S88 software download (October 2015) Over time several types of the Arduino DCC decoder software have been made, such as accessory-, servo-, function-decoder, S88 interface, DCC sniffer, Sound software.All are available from now on in one overall zip download Forum: Mikrocontroller und Digitale Elektronik Arduino-Oszilloskop [Arduino-Control] Forenliste Threadliste Neuer Beitrag Suchen Anmelden Benutzerliste Bildergalerie Hilfe Login. Arduino-Oszilloskop [Arduino-Control] von Martin L. 16.12.2012 16:06. Angehängte Dateien: Arduino-Control_-_0.4_Alpha.rar (749 KB) Arduino-Control_-_0.4_Alpha.jpg 209 KB Bewertung • lesenswert nicht lesenswert. [Xchip] shared a useful way to have a cheap DIY oscilloscope out of an Arduino:I wrote some software so you can use your computer as an oscilloscope.In the following screen shot you can see the software acquiring data from an arduino and also from a Parallax USB oscilloscope simultaneously.The pr Description. Welcome to this course. This course will teach you how to make your own Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope at home using Few switches some components, This Guide will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component is, why we use it, and what it does and how to wire it up, starting with the basics of Arduino and ending with displaying data on Real-Time Oscilloscope

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Das Fnirsi-1013D Oszilloskop Ausstattung und Daten. Ein interessanter Vertreter dieser Gattung und sehr preiswert obendrein, ist das Fnirsi-1013D Touchscreen-Oszilloskop. Derzeit bekommt man es für etwa 145 Euro z. B. bei Amazon. Dabei sind zwei umschaltbare Tastköpfe. Das Fnirsi wird mit eingebauten 6000 mAh-Akkus betreiben und kommt damit. Als nächstes Einsatz ein Ende des Drahtes in A0, und das andere Ende des Drahtes an GND (vgl. Abbildung unten). Alle Oszilloskop bereit. Diese zwei Drähte werden Sie verwenden, um die Spannung zu messen. Als nächstes schließen Sie das Arduino auf Ihren Computer über ein USB-Kabel. Der Computer muss die Arduino Software installiert haben. Software: BitScope DSO 2.7.DG17B update (Mac OS X) Oct 11: BitScope: Why the oscilloscope update rate is important. Oct 06: Software: BitScope DSO 2.7.DG17B update (Windows & Linux) Oct 04: Software: BitScope Software Blog Launched: Oct 04: Raspberry: BitScope Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope: Sep 25: Software: BitScope DSO 2.7 update (for Raspberry.

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Arduino Poor man's oscilloscope processing code. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. chrismeyersfsu / oscilloscope.c. Last active Nov 8, 2020. Star 34 Fork 11 Star Code Revisions 3 Stars 34 Forks 11. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed. The Earth People Technology Ultra Low Cost Open Source Oscilloscope uses the UnoProLogic2 along with the UnoProLyzer application software running on a PC. Together these two provide a simple yet powerful oscilloscope tool to allow you to examine four analog channels running up to 30KHz. The hardware has been simplified to remove extra cost. The input signals are limited to 0 to +5Volts and the.

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Arduino+Processing Oscilloscope. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. telamon / ArduinoExample.pde. Created Oct 10, 2011. Star 1 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 2 Stars 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share. The big problem with being a maker newbie, is that you have to have equipment. When I started, I bought soldering kit and a multimerter - things that don't cost allot and are very needful to start your first steps. But I believe the most important test equipment one need is oscilloscope, but it also very expensive. So there is a conflict.. An oscilloscope, or o-scope, is the best friend of an electronics enthusiast, be they professional or hobbyist. While a digital multimeter can help you measure steady state and RMS (Root-Mean-Square) voltages, theoscilloscope can not only measure peak-to-peak voltages, but more importantly provide timing information on your signal.For instance, have you ever been working with an Arduino. 6 thoughts on deutsches handbuch für das oszilloskop DS203 Jan Ruczynski 18. January 2015 at 14:59. Hey danke, das macht einen recht hilfreichen Eindruck. Ich werde die Anleitung mal durcharbeiten und Dir gegebenenfalls Anpassungen zukommen lassen Erste Schritte mit dem Arduino UNO R3. 4.12.2016. Das Entwicklungsboard Arduino UNO basiert auf dem Microcontroller ATmega328. Zusammen mit der Software Arduino ermöglicht es selbst Programmieranfängern Microcontroller-Projekte der Steuer- und Regelungstechnik zu realisieren

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Jan 24, 2021 - Explore jasonpilarski machinehistories's board arduino oscilloscope, followed by 150 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about arduino, linear system, arduino projects diy Wie aus einem Arduino ein Oszilloskop wird. Ok, ich geb's zu. Die Überschrift ist zweideutig. Denn das Arduino-Oszilloskop ist mit 2500 sps (samples per second) alles andere als schnell. Aber das Herzstück meines Arduinos ist nunmal ein ATMega328p, weshalb diese Überschrift gewissermaßen gerechtfertigt ist. Auch wenn dieses Arduino-Oszilloskop nicht das schnellste seiner Klasse ist, kan

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A simple DIY Oscilloscope with Arduino Uno and Mega - Set 30. Dr.Duino - Arduino Debugging tool! is read in the form of digital data but then is converted to analog one by using the resolution of the ADC used by the Arduino Board. The MATLAB software was then used to plot the signals. A PC and an Arduino: here's your DIY Oscilloscope - Apr 26. Make an Oscilloscope using the SainSmart. Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope Make Your Own Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope in a Step by Step Manner, learn and have fun Practicing Arduino Added on March 30, 2020 IT & Software Expiry: Apr 1, 2020 (Expired www.de.farnell.co Arduino Education is committed to empowering educators with the necessary hardware and software tools to create a more hands-on, innovative learning experience. Take your students on a fun and inspiring journey through the world of programming and electronics. Get started today! ENGINEERING KIT. ARDUINO FUNDAMENTALS BUNDLE. ARDUINO CTC GO! CORE MODULE. ARDUINO CTC 101 PROGRAM. SELF LEARNING. Oszilloskop-Software ist einfach Software für Ihr >Oszilloskop - eine elektronische Prüfeinrichtung, die eine Beobachtung variierender Signalspannungen ermöglicht. Die Software ist in vielen verschiedenen Formen erhältlich und erleichtert die Verbindung, Aufzeichnung und Umsetzung von Ergebnissen über verschiedene Instrumente hinweg ohne Programmierung

ArdOsc Mini Arduino Oscilloscope Project Geeky GadgetsArdOsc is an awesome Arduino oscilloscope project built using an Arduino Nano and a tiny 1.3 OLED display. Peter Balch the Arduino oscilloscope creator. Continue Reading » arduino oscilloscope Social . official.arduino 2019-09-13T20:23:14+0000. See the world through the eyes of this camera-equipped, snake-like robot. official. Der Grund . . . → Read More: Arduino: Ein Spannungssensor und der Serielle Plotter. 24. September 2016 | Stichworte: Arduino, Oszilloskop, Spannungs-Sensor, Voltage-Sensor | Kategorie: Arduino | Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Willkommen in der Werkstatt! Hier kannst Du mitlesen, woran ich in meiner Freizeit gerade so herum bastle. Im Moment ist es zum Beispiel vorwiegend das Projekt Miranda. Durch die Anzeige bei Software auf dem Computer ermöglicht DDS-140 den Betrieb von traditionellem Oszilloskop und einen Teil der Funktionen. Solange das DDS-140-Gerät über USB-Kabel am Computer angeschlossen ist, wird es ein komplettes Oszilloskop Testsystem nach dem Ausführen der Software bilden. Hardware-Ausstattun If all went well, we are ready to load the Oscilloscope software Il existe de nombreuses manières de transformer un Arduino en oscilloscope. Les principales solutions d'oscilloscope avec Arduino fonctionnent en un duo de programme Arduino et Processing. Le Arduino fait la lecture analogique et envoie via le port série au PC qui retranscrit les informations de manière graphique. Il existe. Zudem möglich: die simultane Datenerfassung analoger und digitaler Signale. Klein, fein und präzise: USB-Oszilloskop BITSCOPE MICRO. Mini-Format mit großer LeistungDas USB-Oszilloskop von Bitscope ist deren kleinstes Modell zum Messen elektrischer Signale. Das Bitscope Micro ist winzig - aber lassen Sie sich nicht von der Größe täuschen.

eBay Kleinanzeigen: Arduino, PC & Zubehör & Software gebraucht kaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal Arduino Oscilloscope Projects. by Robert Davis | Aug 10, 2015. 4.1 out of 5 stars 10. Kindle $0.00 $ 0. 00. Free with Kindle Unlimited membership Learn More Or $7.00 to buy. Paperback $10.00 $ 10. 00. Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 8. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Electronics Cookbook: Practical Electronic Recipes with Arduino and Raspberry Pi . by Simon Monk | May 9, 2017. 4.

2-Kanal USB Oszilloskop und Funktionsgenerator in einem Gerät. Zusammen mit der PC-LAB2000-LT Software erreichen Sie die Funktionen eines kompletten Elektronik-Labors: 2-Kanal-Oszilloskop, Spektrumanalysator, Transientenrecorder, Funktionsgenerator und Bode Plotter. Kreieren Sie Ihre eigenen Wellenformen mit dem mitgelieferten Signal-Wellenform-Editor. Mit einem RS232-Eingang generieren Sie. Dieses kleine Oszilloskop lässt sich einfach montieren und enthält alle Eigenschaften eines vollwertigen Oszilloskops. Wird in Design-Box mit Prüfspitzen geliefert. Die Bedienungsanleitung und die Software können heruntergeladen werden. Es ist Ideal um an Einplatinencomputer wie Arduino oder Raspberry Pi zu messen und zu experimentieren Vier mathematische Funktionen, einschließlich des FFTs-Standards. Bietet Software für die PC-Echtzeitanalyse. ★KOMPLETTE KONFIGURATION: Das Oszilloskop-Kit enthält 1 x Oszilloskop, 2 Tastköpfe, 2 Einstellwerkzeuge, 1 x Netzkabel, 1 USB-Kabel, 12 Farbkreise, 2 Tastkopfkappen, die komplette Konfiguration und ist einfach zu bedienen. Produktspezifikationen. Größe: DSO5102P Mehr ansehen. Arduino Oscilloscope 12.04.16 add to watchlist send us an update. 1 screenshot: runs on: Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP file size: 4.5 MB filename: 12.04.16_win32.zip main category: System.

Arduino Oscilloscope is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to provide you with a simple oscillator for the Anduino board. The application uses COM port communication in order to read signals from the board's analog pins. Arduino Oscilloscope 12.04.16 Misc. Utils. software developed by FunkyLoiso. The license of this misc. utils. software is freeware, the price is free, you can. Required Softwares. Arduino IDE; Python; Python Libraries: Pyserial, Matplotlib, Drawnow ; Schematics. The schematic for the Arduino Oscilloscope is simple. All we need to do is connect the signal to be examined to the specified Analog pin of the Arduino. However, we will be using the LDR in a simple voltage divider setup to generate the signal to be examined, such that the generated waveform.

Software. ongoing project. arduino oscilloscope. This project was created on 01/21/2021 and last updated 2 months ago. Enjoy this project? Share Discussions. Log In/Sign up to comment. Become a Hackaday.io Member Create an account to leave a comment. Already have an account? Log In. Sign up with Github. Sign up with Twitter OR. Sign up. Similar Projects. How to enable phone calls to your. Arduino Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for developers of open-source hardware and software that is compatible with Arduino. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community . Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Arduino . Home Public; Questions; Tags Users Unanswered Find a Job; Jobs Companies Teams. Building A Pocket Sized Arduino Oscilloscope. 10 Comments . by: Tom Nardi. September 21, 2018. There's little question that an oscilloscope is pretty much a must-have piece of equipment for the. Hi, I am an inexperienced hobbyist in need of help selecting an oscilloscope for Arduino/Raspberry Pi robotics projects. I will be working with sensors, servos, motors etc. and control systems. I am currently looking at the Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz with 4 channels and the Siglent SDS1102CML 100MHz

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Oscilloscope software, referred to as Time Scope in DSP System Toolbox™, performs time-domain analysis of multichannel signals and data—tasks that are traditionally handled by hardware instruments.Time Scope (oscilloscope software) is one in a set of multichannel streaming scopes. Using oscilloscope software (Time Scope in DSP System Toolbox) with MATLAB ® and Simulink ®, engineers can. BitScope Mixed Signal Systems are programmable PC based oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators and data acquisition systems for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi.They offer comprehensive solutions in test, measurement, monitoring & control for engineers in industry, education, R&D and service Un oscilloscope c'est 150 euros pour des bouzins numériques, et plus de 400 euros pour des appareils corrects.Avec un arduino , ça va prendre 5 min pour créer un oscilloscope très basique qui sera efficace pour du dépannage occasionnel, sans avoir besoin d'une grande précision, et pour des circuits électroniques qui ne montent pas au delà de 5V (c'est généralement le cas pour. PC Oscilloscope software category is a curation of 17 web resources on , Virtins Technology, Cleverscope - The PC USB mixed signal oscilloscope, Baudline signal analyzer. Resources listed under Oscilloscope category belongs to Software main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators Arduino Oscilloscope. Updated: Oct 27, 2020. A brief description of a project I've been working on to make a mini oscilloscope using an Arduino microprocessor. After thinking about getting a microprocessor to play with last year, I finally got an Arduino kit for Christmas 2019. It came with a wide range of components, sensors, displays, servos, motors etc and I spent the first month or so.

BMW – GameDash konfiguration | SIM-PC[Arduino-Control] - Analyse und Steuerung des ArduinoWelches Oszilloskop für Hobbyzwecke? - Pedelec-ForumTop 9 Oszilloskop 2 Kanal – Elektronik & Foto – AsartamSeismograph mit Arduino / Raspberry auslesen

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The DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit is a great shortform kit that required minimal assembly and intergration to a case (not supplied). All components are supplied to build a functional Digital Oscilloscope. Great for Arduino projects, hobbyists and educational and teaching purporses. It adopts ARM Cortex-M3 processor and colorful TFT screen, and features with simplicity, reliability, moderate. Oscilloscope PC-Software for Arduino Uno/Nano/AT328P,ZScop The hardware/firmware side of the oscilloscope is incredibly simple and takes advantage of a module built in to the Arduino, the ADC. The ADC, which stands for Analogue-Digital-Converter, is a module that can take an analogue voltage (between 0V and 5V), and convert it to a binary number. The Arduino has a 10-bit ADC, which means that the largest voltage, 5V, is represented as 1023 (1111111111.

>>> Make Your Own Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope in a Step by Step Manner, learn and have fun Practicing Arduino <<< Welcome to this course. This course will teach you how to make your own Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope at home using Few switches some components, This Guide will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component is, why we use it, and what it does and. VHS6.3.16 Oszilloskop-Grundlagen, Arbeitsweise v.Elektronenstrahl-Oszillografen: 2: 289 KB: Buch-x: VHS6.3.18 einfacher Halbleiter x-y-Kennlinien-Tester mit Oszilloskop: 2: 34 KB: Buch-x: Videoskop (SW-Fernseher als NF-Oszilloskop) 4: 600 KB #74-7s80-x: Windows-Software für TP-Oszilloskope z.B. TP-Handyscope2 (Anleitung) 1: 386 KB: TiePie- I am currently working on an Arduino based Oscilloscope. The project is divided in two main parts: 1.) Measuring. For this I use an Arduino Uno and the analogRead command to read the values.Then I store the measured data and send it via seriellPrint via USB to my Computer. 2.) Data processing. In LabView I use the VISA-Interface to Read it. Betriebssoftware für den Arduino Winter 2020. Artikel-Nr. 3190W20 . Ausdrucken 0,00 € zzgl. MwSt. vorher 0,00 € Menge. In den Warenkorb. Info. Kategorie: Elektrotechnik: Beruf: Elektroniker/-in Geräte- und Systeme (3190/3280) Zeitraum: Winter: Art: Prüfungsmaterial: Jahr: 2020: Beschreibung. Um den Download für die Software zu starten, klicken Sie bitte auf den unten angegebenen Link.

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