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The Five Best 35mm Rangefinder Values (That Aren't Leicas) 1) The Leica M5 ($800-$1200 body only): Yes, I know it's a Leicabut it really isn't, at least if you listen to the... 2) The Contax G1 w/ 45mm f2 Planar ($450 body and lens): You either love this camera, or you hate it. I love it, as in.... Perhaps the best, most advanced non-interchangeable-lens rangefinder 35 ever, the Konica IIIA of 1958-1961 incorporated a spectacular life-size 1:1 range/viewfinder, which has large, bright projected frame lines that not only compensate for parallax over the entire focusing range but also correct for the decrease in angular coverage (field frame size) as you focus closer The Leidolf Lordomat Next, we have a compact, interchangeable lens, all-mechanical, 35mm film rangefinder camera made in the photographically hallowed German city of Wetzlar? But our next pick isn't the obvious Leica M3, or any camera made by Leitz. This little gem is the Lordomat, made by Leidolf Frequently billed as the world's smallest 35mm rangefinder with automatic and manual exposure in the world, the Olympus RC is a legend in its own right The Olympus 35 SP is one of the best cheap rangefinders. The key feature is two light meters. The first one was an ordinary scene meter, and the second was a more specific spot meter that is responsible for exposure settings. No one had made such things before. Moreover, technological innovations are not the only reason why Olympus 35 SP is called the best street photography camera. Just pay attention to its lens. You won't want to change it. The camera is equipped with a Zuiko 42mm f/1.7.

The 38mm f/1.8 Hexanon lens on the Auto S3 is consistently heralded as one of the greatest fixed-lens rangefinder lenses of all time, if not one of the all-time greatest lenses for 35mm photography Last but not least, the FED-3 USSR by DEF is the Best Rangefinder Camera 35mm. Since 1962, it is offering the best shooting experience. It is developed in Ukraine, Kharkiv. With the cutting edge performance, it is known as the best 35mm rangefinder. The technical features are from 1 to 1/500th of a second. With B synchronization, it offers a flash at 1/30 sec and a more slow speed It features either a Summicron 35mm f/2 or a 50mm f/2. It is tiny and is very fast to focus on your object and shoot. It is tough, and its Summicrons are by far the highest rated of all 50mm and 35mm lenses available. Definitely the best 35mm rangefinder camera Price Range: Around $350. My Review: The Vortex Ranger 1800 is without a doubt one of the best rangefinders for long range shooting and hunting. The number after the name can either be the 1500 or 1800, which simply stands for the maximum effective range of the unit. Incredible creativity

This site is devoted primarily to the history and technology of the range of 35mm rangefinder cameras produced by what became the Canon Camera Company. It covers the beginning from its development of the Hansa Canon (or Canon Hansa) in 1935 until the end of production of the Canon 7s rangefinder in 1968. These 35mm film cameras featured lenses mounted in a Leica thread mount design, called the M39 (or in near equivalents in the first years of Canon production). Described here also is the. Even the cheapest wide rangefinder lenses, like the Voigtländers, are usually excellent, while the very best wide zoom SLR lenses like Canon's newest 16-35mm f/2.8 L II and Nikon's 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-S are only mediocre by comparison. Rangefinder cameras are quieter. There are no mirrors flipping up and down for each and every shot. With a rangefinder, all you hear is the quiet click of just the shutter Olympus 35SP | Best Rangefinder Ever Made

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The Five Best 35mm Rangefinder Values (That Aren't Leicas

BEST 35MM RANGEFINDER. Reviewed by Alex White, UK Reviewer (Updated: March 2021) #1 Pick: Overall Review Score = 96%. My top recommendation right now in March 2021 is Editor's Pick. Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Double Adapter, Alpa 35mm SLR and Leica M Rangefinder Lenses to Fujifilm... View on Amazon UK #2: Best Alternative. Also Good. YASHICA ELECTRO 35 GTN 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera with. The Hi-Matic E was one of the many film cameras produced as a part of the company's 35mm rangefinder lineup. Our favorite model, and the one featuring the best value, is the Hi-Matic E. Released in.. The article's basic interest is compact 35mm Rangefinders with faster than f/2 lenses--in other words low light candid photography on a budget. The core group meeting this criteria are the Olympus RD, Canon G-III 17, Konica S3, Yashica Electro 35 CC, Minolta 7sII and Yashica 35GX. The Olympus SP is slightly larger, but uniquely has a spot. The Leica M6 is a German-built 35mm rangefinder camera that is known for its incredible image quality and sleek designs. The Leica M6 was introduced in the 1980's and features a more modern design and lighter parts than its predecessors in the M series

Canon Canonet GIII QL17. This has to be one of my all-time favorite Canon cameras, if not my favorite 35mm film camera. It is a workhorse with a fixed lens and the best-selling rangefinder of all time. This beauty was manufactured for ten years starting in 1972 The Zeiss Contax was arguably the best 35mm rangefinder made before WWII, with a larger range of faster and sharper lenses than Leica. Many considered the pre-war Contax the professional 35mm camera, while the Leica was for amateurs. While Leica remained relatively intact after the war, Zeiss postwar recovery was made infinitely harder by being split into two separate competing West and East. There are more advanced 35mm rangefinder cameras to choose from - but the Olympus 35RC captures the essense of 35 mm photography in a wonderfully executed compact package. Introduced by Olympus around 1970, the 35 RC is one of the smallest classic 35mm camera with rangefinder assisted focusing. It fits nicely in svelte belt pouch In this episode, I go into EXCRUCIATING detail about the functions of the Leica M3. I also go over the Leica 50mm Summicron Dual Range (DR) and the Leica Met..

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Fast lenses are best if you prefer to shoot in low light, (without the price tag of a Leica). It is in many ways similar to Leica's rangefinder lenses in terms of style, but it holds a lot on its own. Some useful specs: its 35mm focal length is combined with an f2.8-22 aperture range, a focal range of 1m to infinity, 5 aperture blades, and a 40.5mm filter thread. Clearly, the Jupiter. Best 35mm Rangefinders. By Jerry Taylor | Submitted On March 16, 2007. Are you spending much time researching for the best model of 35mm rangefinder camera? Then, after reading this article, you will certainly stop searching for it and jump for joy because I'll tell you about one of the best ones out there. With the changing of time, cameras have undergone many changes and become compact and.

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